Second Chance for a Rebirth


Sorry if you’re afraid of snakes – but this was a major symbol for me. I had this dream last night – and I know I haven’t recorded my dreams in a long time – but I’ve been very busy with my freelance writing, etc. After having several major dreams lately (or what Jung called “Great” dreams – meaning of a global or important nature), I decided that it was time to get back into recording my dreams faithfully.

I have posted about the meaning of dreams and interpretation before, (see here) and I’m going to continue with the same methods, as I feel they afford me the opportunity to decipher my dreams from a variety of different angles.

In the dream I had last night, I was making my way through different landscapes. I sensed that I had been split up from a group of people, but I wasn’t that fussed about having wandered off. The landscapes were mostly flat lands and I eventually came across a grassy place where I saw a huge python slithering along the ground. I wasn’t afraid, but then I saw that it was “ejecting” what seemed to be a dead, grey horse that it had eaten earlier. (Or at least – I assumed that it had been eaten – but it hadn’t been digested, as such. It might’ve even been “birthed” – but I’m not sure.)

At first, I was horrified to see the horse, but it soon started breathing and had a viscous sheen to it. It eventually stood up and staggered away. As I watched it meet up with some other horses which were moving away from me, I saw that it was getting healthier by the minute – eventually changing color – from grey to yellow.


Then I was working in an office and was on a break, walking around the city. I saw my friend in her car and she offered me a lift home, but I advised her that I had to go back to work. I watched her drive off and go into an underground car park. Then she came back out – as she had just driven into the car park to turn around. She started to fishtail like she was sliding on slippery grass.



Once I got back to work, I realized that it was home time, so I went to pack up my things. My boss (a man) told me that he had bought a special cake for me, but he had to go into a meeting and didn’t tell me where the cake was. I started going to the different lunch rooms and searching all the fridges, but couldn’t find the cake.

Then a woman came up to me and said that she could take me home (or could walk home with me – I can’t remember), but I told her that I had to get my cake first. She came with me to find the cake, but the only ones we saw were not as special as the one I assumed was intended for me. For example: the ones I found seemed to be hollow and crappy – like low quality, mass produced cakes. Every time I found a cake, I was disappointed.


Then the woman told me that she could give me a cake, but was vague about when and where. I eventually found my boss – who was in a meeting – so he couldn’t tell me where the cake was. I had a feeling that he had either lied about the cake or hadn’t got it yet.



THEMES: Rebirth, isolation, employment, sustenance, journey.

SYMBOLS: Snake, birth, defecation, horse, car, cake, office

EMOTIONS: Resurrection, strength, yearning, disappointment, hope

ARCHETYPES: Boss, Friend, Co-worker

INTERPRETATION: Since I left the “rat race” to become a full time author and freelancer, I have found it difficult to balance my own writing with the freelance work necessary to maintain an income. The fact that the horse had been consumed by the snake – then defecated or birthed – signifies a transformation that seems to be “stillborn.”

I am pleased that the horse became stronger and was “resurrected” – as it symbolizes my desire for growth. Seeing the horse joining the rest of the pack might represent the idea of re-joining the community. Incidentally – I’m not necessarily disheartened by the fact that I left the workforce. Dealing with others had become a pain in the proverbial, so striking out on my own was something I had longed for – all my adult life.

On the one hand – I do feel cut off – with just a window to the world (the internet), but on the other hand – I have maintained friendships with those I deemed worthy, so I’m happy with that. The fact that the dream showed the yellow horse (golden glow, happiness, hope, success) rising from the “ashes” of the grey horse (loss of energy, in the shadows, lacking life or color) means that it was either wishful thinking or a glimmer of hope for the future.

Being back at the office could signify how I felt about being duped by my superiors (or lied to) about my position and worth. The fact that I was promised a delicious and special cake – and then not receiving it – could indicate how I feel about being short-changed. (Seeing as I am in the middle of fighting for money owed to me by an unscrupulous mongrel! However – I have an attorney taking care of it, so I feel vindicated and positive about getting what is owed.)

Friends and coworkers offering their assistance is also a positive factor. It’s nice to know that you have people on your side. The fact that my friend’s car was fishtailing might symbolize their clumsy – but very much appreciated attempts to help.

Snakes often symbolize the cycle of life. The fact that it had swallowed the horse – or even incubated it – shows how I’m travelling in life and how I’m processing my thoughts and my energy levels. In Chinese Astrology – my sign is the Horse! I really do feel that the horse in this dream symbolized how I’m feeling about the transformation and how I’m adjusting.

SUMMARY: Overall, I think this dream was trying to tell me that – in the end – it will all work out, which is something I knew theoretically. I’ve had periods over the past few months where my energy levels were low and for a while there I felt like I was drifting into a deep depression. In the past few weeks I’ve been feeling a lot better, so this dream solidified that for me. I feel better about putting one foot ahead of the other!

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